Hey guys! Bear here

I’m just a bear living in Oregon that is trying to get by in the only way I know how: creating a bunch of nifty things!

I do livestreams, go to conventions, do local workshops, create at home, tend to my farm and farm animals, and have been trying to make a name for myself in my local art sphere and farmers’ spaces.

I like to paint whimsical re-tellings of my life, or exaggerated emotions that I feel. Is For Me? is a painting based around my crow friends and how I first gained the groups’ trust with pizza. Now they defend my coops!

When I’m not doing that, I’m often trying a new media, or writing a story, or taking care of my farm animals.
Currently I’m making a small video game and children’s book.

Check out the links above for commission info, examples, answers to frequently asked questions, upcoming projects and other places that you might be able to interact with me in fun little ways!

I feel so grateful to all of those who have told me my work impacts them in some way

Thank you to everyone who believes in me